Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Be Naturally You, Now.

On my head is natural hair. (free of chemical processes that alter its texture) It is one the best decisions I've ever made. During the time I transitioned, I was a Program Director for a vocational agency. I transitioned for about 6 months. Might I add, during that period my hair looked horrible!!!!! There were two different textures on my head, and I didn't how to style my hair. I think it might have looked like a toupee. It was bad. Anyway, no one really questioned me as to what I was doing with my hair or why it even looked that bad.

I ended up resigning from that position and six months later I did the big chop (chopping off the relaxed hair and revealing my natural, unadulterated hair.) At this time, I worked as an in home support staff for a few months and then found a job as a Resident Service Coordinator. When I went to my interview for the RSC position, I was a little worried that I might be judged based my hair.(My hair did not fit into the society's standard of beauty, acceptance or so I thought at the time.) Now where did I get this notion that I might be judged based on my hair? From the media and other people having bad experiences.

I got hired. I was kicking myself for being so worried.

There are so many different types of people that work in this field. All of them coming from different walks of life. Each of them dressing and/or looking physically different than the other. The people I encountered were not worried about my looks, but my qualifications. Never once did someone have a negative comment about my hair. Why? Because it has does not have anything do with how I do my job.

My personal opinion through my experience is that a person's differences are cherished in the human services field. The more YOU you are the better you will able serve the people you work with. In their world, they may be the different people. Think about it.

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