Sunday, April 14, 2013

3 Reasons Why the Human Services Field is A-Maze! (Amazing)

I have worked in the Human Services field for about 7 years now. (Please note: I am in my late 20 so 7 years is basically most of my professional working life.) I can say with all cofindence that, "I love it!". Of course you have your good days and your bad days...but overall I can say it is very rewarding and I have gained long lasting relationships with my clients and my coworkers.

"A Change is Going to Come"

Whether you are a residential staff person asisting your clients with ADLs or a case manager helping your clients come up with life goals, or a job coach coaching your client on a paticular task at their job, you are one of the few people in your client's life that can see a positive change in attitude or action over a period of time. For example: For six months you've been teaching your client to wash and dry their clothes on their own and one day they were able to complete the task without your help. YOU were there teaching them for six months and now they can do it on their own. Amazing! It is rewarding to see a positive change in your client whether little or big.

Warning: Passionate People Here

I have worked in a couple of areas in human services (disability services, housing, vocational services). In every one of those areas, I was able to find someone who was as enthusiastic about my job as I was. I find this to be important because I was able to talk with my coworkers about my clients and difficult situations. (I was not breaking confinditiality). We were able to brainstorm to find solutions. We also talked about professional development opportunities and our careers.

Field of Diasies

Picking an area of Human Services field to work in is like running through a field of diasies. There are so many areas to pick from!
The human services field is so broad. If you are new to the human services, don't feel like you have to stay in a particular area. If you like what you are doing, stay! If you don't there are options. You can work with people with disabilities OR you can help people obtain basic needs like shelter and food OR you can work with senior citizens at a senior center OR you can work as a mental health professional in a residential facility. The options are endless!

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